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  1. Francespn
  2. Kilipax
    I'm Detroit in Malden. Lots of fun! Ty
  3. Brian Dann
    Brian Dann Tophi
    Hey buddy any chance you could send me a email or a voice address I can talk to you this is for tophi by the way lol
  4. Brian Dann
    Brian Dann Tophi
    Hey brother I hope you remember me this is razorsedge from back in the day.I could use your help if your able and possibly have a business deal to offer you
  5. TeRoSiS
    The challenges of life is what i'm facing.
  6. BigZ
    Sagrada Família
  7. Fl4sH
    Fl4sH Tophi
    I'm locked in the safe zone tophi help.
  8. Fl4sH
    Fl4sH Tophi
    I am buggy in the safe zone and can not leave.
  9. Balthazor
    Balthazor Tophi
    Hi! enjoying the epoch server so far. was looking for a brief description of the map entities if available? I can just explore too
  10. MERCY
  11. Everaas
    Everaas Tophi
    I need help with crypto. Yesterday all my 60k crypto was gone from my bank account.
  12. brubacca
    One Shot....One Kill
  13. GsBridges
    GsBridges Tophi
    what happened to the exile server?
  14. Mauro
    Mauro Tophi
    Hey tophi i have a question our helis keep disappearing from our base and we have it well secured do they glitch out or something? =( its on the exile server. helis do get locked. this is like the 3rd time it happens.
  15. Mauro
    Mauro Tophi
    hello i needed help my character wont load i just respawn as my corpse and cant do anything. Even after waiting hours and multiple restarts i respawn the same. what can i do.
    1. Tophi
      What server epoch or exile?
      Oct 6, 2015
    2. Mauro
      Hello its me again i had a question there are some weapons i cannot see on the exile server i have nato russ weapons 1.10 but i cant see or hear some weapons what other mod do i need.
      Oct 8, 2015
  16. edwin6443
  17. Boone
    Boone Travis
    Helicopter Travis xD
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  18. Travis
    Playing Arma III Epoch
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  19. ScottyBlack
    ScottyBlack Tophi
    Ola meu querido blza, valeu por me add na steam,
    poderia ver porque estou sendo kikado do server do arma3 epoch
    no seu server fui kikado umas 3 vezes .
    abaxei os adons que seu server pede mas mesmo assim fui kikado
    mande a resposta pra na steam quando você poder meu amiguinho.
    valeu abraço.
  20. James Wilcott
    James Wilcott
    Can't go wrong with Salmon.