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La Cantina Forum Rules

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In order to keep the forums a clean and effective platform for communication, we ask that all members keep the following rules in mind.

Forum rules and guidelines

The following rules apply to all forums and sub forums of brothersofwar.net.

1. Duplicate posts
Before posting, please use the forums search function to search for any posts that may be relevant to you to ensure similar or duplicate posts are not made. Failing to do so will result in the deletion or merging of your post.

2. Reporting players
The forum is not the place to report other players. Please refrain from starting threads with 'evidence' to publicly report players. Instead please contact an admin through Discord, the forums, or our ticket system.

3. Offensive posts
Do not create posts which directly attack, insult, flame, defame, or abuse others. This also includes derogatory, racist or insensitive material. Content deemed offensive by moderators will be deleted and the post users warned.

4. Offensive content
Please keep in mind that this forum is aimed at all audiences. Pornographic or excessively violent content is strictly prohibited.

5. Illegal activities
There is a zero tolerance policy on the discussion of illegal activities which include but are not limited to hacking, exploiting, and piracy. To review of policy on hacking please view this post.

6. Spam
Spam in any form will not be tolerated.

7. Linking offsite
Please be careful when linking offsite. Any links which violate the offensive posts or offensive content rules above will be removed.

8. Signatures/ Avatars
Signatures may contain both text and images of reasonable size. Similar to above, please be careful not to include any inappropriate material or links in your signature. Violating this simply rule with result in a warning and removal of signature.

9. Ticket system
All of the rules listed above also apply to any content posted on the ticket system. For more information on how to use the ticket system, view this post.
Not open for further replies.