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Our purpose and aim at La Cantina Servers is to create a safe, positive, and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.
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Our purpose and aim at La Cantina Servers is to create a safe, positive, and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. To help promote this, we ask that players respect the following rules in game as wells as the forums rules while participating in discussions on the forum.

Since the beginning, we at La Cantina Servers have had a strict no hacking policy to protect our players. We are dedicated to bringing a hacker free environment through our notable Anti-hack and strict policy.

Hacking by our definition refers to but is not limited to,

  • execution of hacks
  • intentional exploitation of glitches to gain an unfair advantage
as well as,
  • encouraging other players to participate in deliberate exploitation
  • posting of information on how to do execute hacks.
Any players found to be associated with any of the activity above will have their account terminated, and lose access to the servers. If you do however come across a bug or glitch, you are expecting to report it on our forum.

Please also remember that YOU are entirely responsible for your own account and computer. If you share an account/computer with other users, please be sure everyone using the account stands clear of hacks. Furthermore, any attempt to circumvent a ban with multiple accounts will result in the termination of all associated accounts.

Here are a simple set of rules we'd like you to adhere to:

1. No racism/homophobia/sexism etc. in side chat

2. No whining, especially about being killed or bragging excessively about your kill in side.

3. No VOIP in side, this is enforced heavily. There is a thread that shows you how to bind VOIP to direct chat only.

4. No excessive trash talking, I don't mind a bit of it but when it turned into "lol umad" spam it's incredibly annoying and you'll find yourself getting kicked first, and then followed up with a ban if it's kept up. It also does not matter whatsoever if the other person initiated it or is provoking you or not.

5. If one of your friends is kicked or banned, you should definitely help him appeal on the forums but absolutely do not harass the moderator about it over side. You can always appeal the ban on the forums, so whining in side chat will do nothing but hurt his chances.

6. No intentional duping of items.

7. Do not pick up hacked gear, or accept free loot from hackers.

8. Confirmed cases of combat logging will result in a 24 hour ban, and a permanent ban if you do it again.

9. Do not accuse people of hacking in side chat, these forums are the place to make a cheat report rather than in-game chat.

10. Do not glitch tents under water or into walls to prevent others from raiding them.

11. No server jumping to get advantage location on opponent.

12. DO NOT Alt + F4. Grow a pair and die with honor.

13. Report any player or admin abuse on our forums.

We love to see bantering and good fun in side chat, but there are times when it steps over the line and sometimes people have been kicked/banned over it, so a good set of rules will help with that. I'd also like to mention that some of these things are vague and are at the discretion of the moderator online at the time, so try to be on the safe side if what you're about to say is questionable.

Thanks for reading the thread!
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