Ideas for Balancing Exile Server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Noob_Killer1998, Sep 14, 2015.

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    I have noticed that after a while the exile becomes boring because there is not much to do after a while.

    One of the issues is that you get to the end game of the mod too easily. For example vehicles don't take that long to get and getting gear is too easy. I think that increasing the prices of almost everything at the trader could fix some of these issues. With the way things are its easy and more convenient to go buy gear then to loot for it.

    A good way to see how this could improve the server is to look back to Arma 2 Dayz. In Arma 2 getting a high end vehicle like the Vodnik comparable to the current Strider required substantially more time and effort. Maybe increasing the price of armored, armed, and air vehicles substantially would balance out the economy.

    You could maybe make it so you have to go to specific traders to get air vehicles, boats, or armored vehicles. It would add more of a variety to the game.

    Another way to improve the server could be to increase the price of weapons and clothes but, decrease the price they sell for. It shouldn't cost less than a $1k for a powerful sniper rifle such as the Barret 50. cal. ie. (change the price of a 12.7 sniper to $10k). Maybe make a weapon of a certain tier and caliber cost more than of a lower tier. Also you could try increasing the price of ammunition and attachments too. You could also increase the the value of loot in mission crates.

    These are the some changes I think could improve the server

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