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    So last night Me, Ned, and Ace were all playing and we noticed that Ratio Farmer was killing quite a few people. We went along with our business and we were doing a VEMF mission. We completed it and all of a sudden Farmer kills ACE out of no where. He runs up to our chopper so i shoot him and he has god mode on. I called him out on it and he was saying he was going to give us stuff and that he meant to shoot a fare gun at us. He then went on and told us where AI were confirming that he also had ESP on. After that the killing stop and he got off soon after. Also just today, i'm driving along and AI blow me up with a rocket launcher. They either need to be removed or make them available for everyone to use. I would like my 15k tabs i spent on my strider and my gear that got blown up 5 mins later.
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    Earlier that day Ratio Farmer was not logged in as admin and was playing with a group of players - We comfirmed in the logs he was not using his admin at the time and was playing legit. Then little later he was asked to go assist a player "turning admin on""
    29-10-2015 23:05:11 | 1h 38min 59s | RatioFarmer() | is an admin again." after he was done with that he was just teleporting around night time he spawned a starter pistol "shows in our logs" [starter pistols do no damage] when he poped over to "ACE" it was in the intent to scare him a little with the "starter pistol" but he was invisible and in 3d person making him unaware he had the wrong gun out. When he killed ace by mistake he told me right away as i was in the same channel setting up the other server. After he happen i told Raito to tp Ace back to his body and give him few items and he apologize to ace after he happen.Raito informed ace that AI where in the area out of courtesy of what happen. He didn't need to inform anyone.

    As for the separate matter of AI having Rocket Lunchers, this is as intended and they have a low chance of spawning with them but they do spawn and they do kill people if they didn't we would not having roaming AI, AI's Goal is to kill players they have no remorse, care, hate, understanding, Forgiveness and their sole purpose is to hunt you down and kill you with any means they have. Because this is working as intended, We will not comp 15,000 poptabs and Gear. The game of Arma 3 is a open world military tactical shooter with a added mod to let you build called "exile". Here at La Cantina our servers are PVPVE thats Player Vs Player Vs Environment and the AI placed under the category of environment.

    We're sorry that you are inconvenience by our environment and understand if you are not up for our servers challenges. If you wish to leave our servers we fully understand and wish you the best of luck on in any future servers you join.
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