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    Hey guys,
    by Kenturrac

    since this is coming up quite often in game chat I wanna explain to you how loot works in Vanilla Exile.

    Before I explain it, I wanna mention that all the information I have are from the game code itself and the number are the ones provided by the Exile team. Maca can modify them, but I doubt he has done it until now. Also: Chernarus is a different map and the size of the map and lack of building complexity reduces the loot spots but does not influence the loot spawn scriptby any means. So this is the same for any map you are playing on.

    How does it work? - Forget Arma 2 DayZ or Arma 3 Epoch, this system is different.

    Loot spawning only gets triggered on server side. Every 60sec the server does a 100m check for each player connected to the server (not sure if its working for players in vehicles, but it should) checking all buildings around him and spawning loot if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • No player within a 10m radius around that building
    • The building is not marked as "has loot"
    As soon as loot get spawned the one player whichs position was evaluated and who triggered the spawning gets a message that loot did spawn for him. The building itself gets marked as "has loot".

    Every 5 minutes the system checks every building that is marked as "has loot" and does a 100m radius check if a player is around and it also checks if 5 min have passed by since loot has spawned. If there is no one around and the last spawning is older than 5min, the system removes the "has loot" mark and loot should be possible again.

    So that is the theory, but right now it feels like there is something off with the system since my experiences within the game do not represent what the code is telling me. I also think I found a bug within the clean up code, but I have to follow up on that since it could be that I am wrong and the SQF scripting language is smarter than I would expect.

    Besides that, here are some "maybe" issues with this system right now:

    • It takes up to 10min to allow respawn loot if server performance has no impact on it. If a player is around buildings that should have loot, but got looted already, loot will never spawn as long as he is around.
    • If server performance has an impact on the timing of the script we get less loot than we should. (Not sure how this is working. Would need to check on a server, but I don't have one right now)
    • Spawn areas do not help the system in Chernarus since there are way less loot positions and there area is smaller overall. If the first 3 players spawn in Elektro and take all the loot, it will be unlikely that loot will respawn since from now on the probability that a player is around 100m of building is quite high which means that the system will not remove the "has loot" state from most buildings.
    • If you go somewhere and see loot but you didn't trigger it, you can be sure that someone is around.
    • If you go somewhere and loot spawns for you, you can be quite sure that no one is around. (no guarantee)
    I know this system seems to have some flaws, but I am really suprised by the quality of the code so far (besides the lack of comments). Especially compared to the Arma 2 Epoch code which was a big ass mess. I don't know who these guys are, but they came out of nowhere and it seems like they know what they are doing.

    If you have any further questions about the system, I will try to answer them. If you liked my explanation, you would like to know more and if wanted by the CCG team, I can provide more explanation of the other systems of Exile.

    Edit 1: Just heard that there will a few updates in the next patch:

    • Respawn logic will be better. Haven't seen the code so I don't know what they will change but they adress the "not respawning of loot" a bit.
    • Loot will not spawn if you are in a vehicle.
    • Loot will only spawn if you are moving?! Camping and waiting for loot will prevent it from spawning. - Not sure about that.
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    that's pretty nifty thing to know thank you I was testing today if maybe it purposely dosnt spawn in certain buildings for some players but others it does to make it more realistic. this is very helpful thank you tophi
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    Nice thanks for breaking that down... loot makes much more sense now! :)
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    • Loot will now spawn without a minimum distance / visual threshold. That means you don't have to be 15m away from a building anymore to have it spawn some loot. Also, this also means loot can spawn right below your feet. This improves loot spawning in the "single house in the wild" scenario.
    This change was implemented in the Lime version of the game.

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