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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kovacs, Sep 15, 2015.

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    ..for a great server event.

    Basically get some of the admins etc to make a huge arena out of what ever you can spawn in.
    Depending on the size of the arena you can do it in one of two ways :

    Type 1

    Hold several rounds with the winner of each round going through to a final. Each round will have (for example) 10 players with the winner going through to the final. The final will consist of the 5 winner from the previous heats. Maybe runners up in each each can go through too.

    Gear :

    Gear will be placed in a wooden crate next to each player before the event starts. They must make this gear last until they get to the final or are knocked out. So it is up to them if they want to gamble their best gear early on or save it so they even out over the next rounds.

    The final will be fought using what ever gear they have left.

    Type 2

    Everyone is in a giant free for all. You can do it as a one of or as a best of 3 / 5.

    Gear :

    One of these methods:
    Gear can be placed in the center / unknown places and they players can run in and grab what they can.
    Each player starts with a random load out.
    Each player gets the same gear at the beginning.

    The arena will have to be large enough to make the most of Arma's combat mechanics, but not so large that it promotes camping. Lots of corridors, corners and doors. Some raised platforms and drops.

    Would be nice to have a spectator area around the fighting pit, so that those who are not fighting can watch. Although this might lead to some teammates helping their buddies out.

    I imagine this would be easiest to be done in the editor and then added after a restart. But the exile building mechanics makes it very easy to build something like this ion game - as long as you know what you want to do before hand. SO either way is possible. Probably more fun to do in game if I am honest.

    Walling off the Pergos Military compound might be an easy and epic way of doing it. Just add a KOTH style super tower on the outside for the audience.

    Types of weapons and equipment.

    Police vests and 9mm's should make for some great, close in fighting. We can change the weapons each time we do a round. Maybe something stronger for the final. But no one shot kill stuff.
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    love it i will create a custom arena buildings for it
  3. Entruder

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    Sep 3, 2015
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    also love it Kovacs, some good shit cant wait to see the mayhem that ensues... teehee

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