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Ban Guidelines

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A lot of people recently have been banned. As a result, some would like to know why they got banned. As a result we have decided to give everyone some idea on how we deem whom should play in our servers and whom should not.

Please be aware that Exile Mod is in its Beta stages and is, in no means, fully released or complete.

We get information for bans from many avenues, some we share where that information came from and some we don't because that ban will not be lifted even if you went to the third party. A good portion of our ban data is from third parties whom have, in one way shape or form, have given us access to said information. With the vast amount of data we get, we are able to allow people who are in it just to play a game for what it is, a game. Free from cheaters from other places whom have cheated and did get caught doing so. Granted the more data we get about cheaters/hackers, the more bans there will be, but that will make our mod less dishonest and give us purer data so we can make the game better overall.

We are continuously striving to make our servers better. If we have to ban people because we got new data from a third party because they were caught hacking/cheating we are going to do so to increase the growth of our servers in a positive light.

Are these bans permanent?
Depends on the ban, but if you were caught hacking, no matter where it was, it is permanent. We look in to every ones ban individually and we try to be fair to all. That also includes the people you affect when the banned individual is playing.

Can I know what my ban is for?
No, we reserve the right not to tell people what they got banned for if it is that severe.

Can I know where my ban is from?
No. The reason for this is we do not want to tell you where the ban came from is because we don't want you going and lashing out at the third parties just because they caught you doing something you shouldn't have been doing in the first place.
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