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Getting Help

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If ever you need help with an issue, la Cantina staff and admins are here to help.
Before asking and posting everywhere, please consider the following.

Where to get help:
Help is available in several different forms, based on the issue

a ) Discord

Discord is the quickest to report server issues and to acquire general one to one support for issues and troubleshooting help during setup. It is not however the best place to for detailed reports and issues which are best suited for written reports.

Discord Link: Click Here

b ) Support Page

Brothers Of War has a fully functional ticket system, similar to many groups and communities over the internet. Our ticket system is a great way to get help for all kinds of issues ranging from bans to technical issues.

Link: Click Here

How to get help:
We try to be as efficient as possible, however for this to be effective a calm and rational environment must be kept. Kindness goes a long way.

As well as being efficient and effective, providing adequate information and accuracy are just as important. This means being as detailed as possible as well as providing screenshots and specific error messages whenever possible.

What we can't do:
We will NOT under any circumstances modify your in game player (e.g. teleporting, restoring gear, moving vehicles). If you have lost gear or vehicles due to a bug, server reset, or any other means then we're very sorry.
Not open for further replies.